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Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

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- Turning Visitors Into Clients - can help no matter what level of expertise you already have. We can prepare a custom solution from a complete website overhaul... to helping with the small problem areas that you may need assistance with. Let us know we are here to help.

Website design and SEO go hand in hand

You can't simply have a website and keep waiting for it to bring you traffic. Getting listed in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN puts you in front of 90% of the people that use the internet. An expertly optimized and coded website is bait for the search engines.

Will search engine optimization work for me?

Search engine optimization works for every company. We can put together a custom quote for you including whether or not people currently search for your products or services. We will tell you if the demand currently exists through publicly available search engine data.

People who use search engines buy more often

People buy more often when they trust a good website. Internet users find good websites from searching for them on major search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN are really the only important ones. Most other search engines pull results from their search engine database of websites.

Search Engine Optimization saves you Money

Why pay for expensive pay per click plans when you can get more traffic from the free organic listings anyway? I have never used any sort of pay per inclusion program. If you choose to pay to be listed that is fine. It shouldn't hurt. But with my methods you won't need to pay these unecessary expenses.

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Find Out For Yourself

Search for your website on the major search engines below. Make sure to use keywords that describe what your company does not just the name of your company.

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Free Hosting Accounts

For a limited time get your own free hosted website account. I will be making available free website hosting accounts with cpanel access and full email and ftp services.

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Client Feedback

"#1 for all my chosen keywords within 3 months. Unbelievable! Now my customers come in and say, "Can I get what I saw on the website?" It really works."
- Mark

"First page for my keywords in a very competitive section, I am a mortgage broker. Thank You for the increase in business. Return on investment exceeded all my expectations."
- Bill

"My sales have increased 400% in the last year thanks to the traffic I am getting from Google. Just to think I thought I was doing great before."
- Kristy

"I am a Real Estate Agent and in a very competitive market. I now receive several leads per day since getting listed in Google and Yahoo for my major keywords."
- Jeremy

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